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Editor with Flowchart

With a click you can have a structured or non-structured flowchart in the Editor window (the Logical view of a function). Before proceeding to the detailed coding of the function, it is possible to thus design its logical presentation and discuss it with hardware and mechanic constructors.

Given that the function logic is obtained directly from the source, it is also possible to document the real status of the implementation at any time.

But what you have seen so far is just the beginning. We know that you are used to your old editor. After all, you have spent much of your time with it. You do not want to change the habits you have acquired over the years - if a certain key combination is to do a certain action, this may be something that even God dare not change. DA-PL/M also supports some well-known editors by means of its Project Import function.

That is why we made our built-in editor fully configurable. Using extremely straightforward C-like language, you can bind your key combinations with the Editor actions you want, and use them the way you expect. Of course, there are some predefined scripts, in case you just want to make Editor behave like some other popular editor. It will still have all the functions that you cannot find in other programs.

Double-click on the keywords in a comment, and you can directly start any external program directly from the Editor (e.g.: WinWord with a problem description or requirements definition). This will give you a completely new feeling of the connection between the source code and the appropriate documentation.

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DA-C - Trial License

If you would like a one month trial license, please download demo software, install and start DA-C, then fill in the "Help / Technical Support / License Data" form and copy it to an email message by means of "Copy to clipboard for email". The email address to which the data should be sent is the one in the first line of the copy. You will find instructions for activating the trial license in the automatic reply. Should any technical questions arise during the trial period, feel free to contact our support.